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SEO Packages

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the visibility of your website in the organic search result based on targeted keywords. This is accomplished by optimizing both external and internal factors that influence search engine positioning. 

In reality, the best person to handle the SEO process is going to be you. Although an SEO specialist will know all about keyword density and backlinks, you are the one who actually knows about your product or service which you want to deliver to your customers and visitors when they come to your website. This kind of knowledge in your head is more important than anything else. 

There are plenty of different resources and techniques to use for SEO. Our SEO service is to go through with you how improve your website ranking with which technique and their advantages. Our SEO packages are designed to fit any budget and help your business grow online. We can recommend an SEO Pricing plan that's right for you. The service includes:

  • SEO tool setup in your website
  • Monthly reporting of website traffic
  • Submit website to Google Web tools
  • Competitive keyword analysis
  • Competitor Keyword Report
  • On-page optimization recommendations
  • External SEO Link building and tracking
  • SEO Report & Strategy Consultantation
  • Facebook and Twitter account maintenance


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